Estate clean out

Do You Need an Estate Cleaned Out?

Professional Estate Clean Out Services in Essex County, MA

Clearing out an estate can be both strenuous and tedious. Everything needs to be removed and properly sorted into what can be salvaged, sold, kept, recycled and trashed. Priced Right Junk Removal Services, LLC is an expert on estate clean-out and abandoned home clean-out in Essex County, MA .

You don't want to have to worry about cleaning up if you're managing an estate after a loved one has passed. Discover how our professional estate clean out services can benefit you by calling us today.

We offer abandoned home clean out services as well

Abandoned homes and foreclosed properties aren't always left in the best condition. You will likely find the property in a state of disrepair with debris and litter strewn everywhere.

Priced Right Junk Removal is your go-to abandoned home clean-out company in Essex County, MA, and will help you clean out:

  • Houses going on the market
  • Foreclosures
  • Bank-owned properties
  • Estates of the recently deceased
  • Abandoned properties


We will take care of all the debris and trash inside of the home and in the yard. Remove junk and debris with our abandoned home clean-out today. Call now for a free estimate and assessment.